Homekit Beta test Invitation - For Indoor Cam [Beta user solicitation end]

Hi eufy fans,

HomeKit beta test for Indoor Cam is coming! :partying_face:

As mentioned before, The full HomeKit experience will officially be available to you before mid-July. If you want to experience it in advance, you can participate in our Beta Program.:star_struck:

We would love to hear your thoughts and insights on this feature.

We will select limited beta testers based on our internal needs, your performance record as a Power User, and the information you provide in the survey. We will close the questionnaire if collected users are enough.

How to get selected as a Beta Tester?

  • [29th - 30th Jun] Fill out the survey.Once you are selected, you will receive our NDA letter before 1st July.
  • [1st July - 2nd July] Sign the NDA and join the Google Group.
  • [3rd July - 31st July] Be ready to get the HomeKit beta firmware and prepare to start the test.

Note that:

If you are selected, you will receive a confirmation email and an NDA that needs to be signed. If you do not hear from us, it means you have not selected to be a beta tester this time.

To take part in the Beta Test, you must:

  • Be willing to sign an NDA and follow the rules outlined within.
  • Actively provide feedback to us via email, forum discussion, photo, or video sharing, and complete the necessary surveys in the Beta period.

:point_right: Click here! :point_left:

For any issues related to the Beta Test Program, please contact support@eufylife.com directly. eufy reserves the right of final explanation.

Best Regards!

eufy Security Team


The scheduling above is confusing, it says Officially Mid July it is releasing however the time line says 3rd-31st for beta ?

[3rd July - 31st July] This is the beta test time we plan, for limited beta tester. Even if the official software is released, if there is a software version update, we will give priority to Beta users to experience.

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Understood, thank you for clarification :slight_smile:

Thanks for the headsup @Yanyee1

Pumped for HomeKit - it’s the defining feature that made me purchase it - combined with the image quality and price.

Signed up! Can’t wait!

I’ve been waiting weeks for this and now I can’t sign up. This is THE reason I bought this camera, HomeKit.


Just clicked the link and it says it’s closed. I thought this was supposed to be open the 29th and 30th?

That was the window given, with the note that it would be closed once they had their target tester pool size.

Anyone hear if they’ve been selected yet?

The link to the survey is no longer working. I’d like to join the beta if possible and it is still June 30th; any chance I can do so?

Our bata test has collected a lot of responses within 24 hours, you can wait for the official homekit version to be released in 2 weeks, and our other beta tests in the future, we will promptly announce on the community or app.


Would love to be considered as well please! Thank you!! :grinning:

Sent my NDA executed yesterday, waiting confirmation for next steps.

A little bit annoyed that I’m just finding out about a Beta, the whole reason i bought this camera was for homekit support on day 1, not to wait weeks and find out there’s a beta thru Reddit. I could’ve just spent the extra $100 and got a Logitech or Eve cam with Homekit already built in.

nonetheless, signed up for the beta (a couple of days late), hoping there is some spots left. :upside_down_face:

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Same here. We were told to look for an announcement, but it wasn’t announced on the Community homepage. Instead, was hidden from sight in the community threads. And, like others have commented…it was too late to sign up when eventually found. I know we all will have HomeKit access soon, but the communication or lack of the beta announcement when it finally became available could have definitely been handled another way.

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I’m pretty sure they actually had a pinned announcement in the community page and within the app, but the programmed filled up quickly and was marked as closed the next day.