HomeKit and eufy Indoor cam 2K!

Looks like as of 7-11-20 the Indoor cam 2K has been abele to be added to HomeKit! Testing now so do not know if it’s fully compatible or just initial compatibility.

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works for me since 2 days - (Indoor, not Pan & Tilt)

How did you manage that? For me the indoor one does not work with HomeKit. Every time I click on “HomeKit-Portal” in the app nothing happens. And it doesn’t work directly in the HomeApp either. I can’t get the message device found there. I have 2 cameras where it does not work. I reset the cameras several times.

I have the indoor without house with QR Code

@eruberion I set it up through home portal! The bad news is that you need it connected through the Homebase2 first then setup thru eufy app. Unlike the 2c or 2 you cannot just scan the HomeKit code on the camera to directly setup in home app! I have sense removed it because of that reason! I have my 2 outside 2k doorbells on one homebase specifically. I have my security cameras on the other witch is for HomeKit only.

Unfortunately, this is no solution for me. Bought myself these cameras because I don’t need a home base.
I hope Eufy finds a solution, otherwise I will send the cameras back because I want to use HomeKit.

I 100% agree with you on this! It’s a Bate and Switch deceptive selling point on the cameras. I’m not happy about this at all. I will contact support on this and will keep you updated on my answers.

I am now running HomeKit. But what is not yet possible is the recording with HSV. I have set it so that it always streams and records (at home and away). Does anyone have it running and can see the recordings?

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It’s working for US and some EU regions, sit tight and give it a day or two guys…

Mine worked this afternoon in UK. Clicking the Portal actually loaded and then followed up in Home app.

So this is the response from eufy@support about only HomeKit setup without app!

"Thank you for your quick response.

We sincerely sorry for the inconvenience caused by this case.

To address your concern, the indoorcam we have is the infield version, so it has to be added via the eufy Security app. But once the device has been set up, you can delete the eufy app and use the Home App only.

We totally understand that our product is not perfect. You have our promise that our engineers would work day and night to improve this product and we are glad to have your support and understanding, which would be a huge encouragement for us to seeking continuous improvement."

This ticks me off! I have the 2c cams running without going through all of this I just ploped the QR code underneath the basestation and proceeded to add cameras (without eufy app) :hugs: now nothing eufy is all over the board with there products :rage:

Mine is working but exhibiting strange an inconsistent behavior. I have it set up not to stream when home, but sometimes when I click on the tile in the Home app it starts streaming, and then the next time I try it does not… also I don’t see anything stored to iCloud yet.

I have both pan and tilt and static indoor cams.

On set up (7/18) both cameras updated their firmware to I added both cameras to HomeKit through the Eufy Security App. No issues to that point.

Neither camera will record video through HomeKit. I only get a “LIve” button in the lower left of the screen with the camera selected. When I pull up the device info with HomeKit, Firmware shows “2.0.68” (not as on the Eufy App and not I’m using IOS 13.6.

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Do you have a 200Gb or 2TB storage plan in iCloud? If not, it will not record anything.

2TB plan.

Started working this afternoon after a camera restart.

Not sure why it started as I have done multiple restarts and remove and re-adds that had no effect.

Both are working now.