HomeBase2 Repeater mode

I am on the latest version of the Eufy Security App (4.7.2_1307) and have connected a doorbell and few cameras successfully. My HomeBase2 is setup with an Ethernet connection. I would like to connect an additional HomeBase2 as a repeater to assist with network.
When I try to change the Connection to WiFi, the icon just keeps turning around and gives me an error “The App and device are not on same WiFi network.” I’m not sure why since I can’t even configure that device to use WiFi yet.
Any help is appreciated.
Thank you


If you want to connect your additional HomeBase2 to your Wi-Fi you must first have it connected to your network with an ethernet cable then after that you may proceed to connect it wirelessly and remove the ethernet cable.
The error you are seeing, it’s just saying that you need to have your phone connected to the same Wi-Fi (2.4 ghz) that you want your HomeBase to connect to.

Also… you can’t connect 2 HomeBases together. You can use them separately though.

Thanks for your response. Yes, I do have it connected to Ethernet and added to my Eufy app, however I want to change the Connection to use WiFi and that’s where I’m stuck as I don’t get a screen to type any WiFi information.
I’m hoping to use the second HomeBase2 as a Repeater to help with the WiFi signal.

Hmmm… :thinking:
Check the firmware on new HomeBase, see if it’s up to date and if it matches your original HomeBase firmware.

As far as I know, you can’t use your second HomeBase as a repeater for your first HomeBase to extend it’s Wi-Fi coverage/range…

Homebases don’t communicate with each other so you can’t use one as a repeater to extend your range. You also can’t use modes across Homebases so more than one is a pain to manage.

OK thank you. But I could use it as a second HomeBase connected via WiFi correct?

Yes, you can use the second HomeBase and connect to your router via Wi-Fi.
Then move that HomeBase closer to the camera that’s out of range while still having a good connection to your Wi-Fi.

You’ll need to remove the camera from your first HB and then add it to your second HB.

_ were you able to connect it to your Wi-Fi?