HomeBase2 must reset, over and over, ad infinitum

One of my outdoor eufyCam2 was frequently “unavailable” in HomeKit and HomeCam, despite working fine in the eufySecurity app.

I was using some janky 2009 apple airport extremes, so I bit the bullet and upgraded to the Eero pro mesh system (which rocks btw). Things were initially great, but the North Driveway cam started going unavailable again. North Driveway and South Driveway cameras are literally less than 3’ apart, equidistant to the HomeBase2.

After reading online about tearing down and rebuilding the Eufy network, and how that solved issues for many after upgrading to Eero and HKSV etc, I decided to give it a whirl. Did I mention I upgraded both of my phones to iOS14 last night?


My HomeBase2 absolutely refuses to do anything at all. I connect with a LAN cable to a backhaul switch in the homeschool room, I connect the LAN cable directly to an Eero mesh point, and I connect the LAN cable directly into the Eero master/router. I’ve power cycled my cable modem and the Eero network. This is what it does:

  1. Boots up normally
  2. Light turns blue
  3. App scans QR code
  4. App does one of two things:
    A) App demands that I reset the HomeBase2
    B) App tells me that I’ve scanned the wrong QR code, and offers to help me find the right one
    B1) App tells me that the 8 digit code (manually entered) is incorrect
  5. Reset HomeBase2 with shitty little button
    A) HomeBase2 confirms the reset is complete
  6. Repeat

I now have no working cameras


Do you have a micro SD card in the port ?
If yes remove it and re do the process again

go into the eufy app and physically delete the homebase, then proceed to b perform the reset via the little button. And once done follow the steps to rebuild and add cameras to the system.

Yes its a pain to do, but quit honestly its the best way to fix multiple issues and also clear its cache from all the garbage left behind from updates. Like a computer its best to reset after its all said and done.

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I have the same problem . I go to pair the Homebase with the app and keep being told I have to reset the Homebase 2.

Any solutions welcome as it is a pain in the bum and about to be sent back for a different system

Is there any way you guys can downgrade the app to a previous version? I unfortunately had numerous situations where the problem was caused by the app and a previous version (or next of available) did work.

You are not the only one. My setup of 4 x eufy 2 cams plus Homebase 2 are all about to be returned to eufy due to being bricked by the ios14 update. Seems to affect different people differently, but no matter how many times I reset, reboot, unplug the Homebase and or router it’s always the same cycle and the Homebase cannot be added.

See this thread for others woes, including mine.


Some really poor testing of the impact of ios14 which has a shame as I loved the setup before this happened.

Same here, iOS 13. After resetting the Homebase 2, the app kept me in the loop of asking me to reset the Homebase2


Same issue and started after I attempted to add to to HomeKit and upgraded to iOS 14.

Support stated it is a firmware issue and had an engineer push an update specifically to my Homebase 2. Now able to add cameras to base, but gun shy about attempting to add to HomeKit.

Not sure when update will be fully available as it does seem to be the solution.

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@AnkerSupport, @Mengdi, @eufy_official

Having the same issue no matter how many times I reset the light goes solid blue I try to add it again and it tells me to reset again!

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Good afternoon @Reverendalc

Please try these steps, it has helped others on this community:

Plug the Homebase 2 into power and Ethernet to router. Hit reset, wait a couple minutes. Unplug. Reset again and wait a couple minutes. Then unplug again. Then when it turns blue, blinking or solid, try to connect with the app. Try to add it 3 or 4 times in a row. That’s the procedure I performed.


Should that be plug in instead of unplug? Just trying to verify the process because I want to try this.


Sorry, here is some clarification.

#1- Plug the Homebase 2 into power and Ethernet to router.
#2 - Hit reset, wait a couple minutes.
#3 - Unplug the Homebase, wait a couple minutes.
#4 - Plug the Homebase back into power, reset again and wait a couple minutes.
#5 - Then unplug again one last time and wait a couple minutes…
#6 - Lastly, then plug it back in, when it turns blue, blinking or solid, try to connect with the app. Try to add it 3 or 4 times in a row.

Thank you @n1976jmk

I’ve read several different ways to reset the Homebase 2 online such as hold the pin for 10 seconds or longer, hold the pin and press the sync/alarm button until you hear the Homebase is resetting now voice message. I’ve tried both of those and I’ve never heard a voice message saying the Homebase 2 has reset.

I tried the steps you mentioned, but unfortunately I never got past the sync button stage after 4 or 5 try’s. Unable to add Homebase again and again and again.

HI @Hawkster, at this point unfortunately you should contact Eufy Support.

thank you,

Hi @n1976jmk

I think your way works. Thanks.

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I’ve been in touch with them and I really haven’t received a lot of suggestions on how to fix it. I’m hoping a new update will change that. They can’t seem to understand their updates are causing the problem for my Homebase.

Ditto @Hawkster. Having the same issue. I actually was able to initially add my Homebase 2 to the app and the two 2k pro cams. But, when adding HomeKit later for testing, it suggested i reset my home base 2 and after that, it’s never been able to be added to the app again and just blinking blue light and reset over and over and over. Support, at least first tier, has no troubleshooting ideas outside of shipping a replacement system. As suspected, the new unit has resulted in the same issue and never adds home base and flashes blue. I’m still waiting on a response from a higher support rep on how to actually troubleshoot the issue, but it sounds like from above there’s a firmware update to address iOS 14 and/or homekit issues. I’d love to have that or try if there’s a later version. Considering it worked the first time when setting up cameras, i’m guessing it’s either related to my Eero network and something Eufy’s doing that’s being blocked (like forcing other DNS servers other than what DHCP provided or connecting to a site the Eero Plus proxy service thinks is risky?). Otherwise, i’m not so impressed that Eufy seems to be outgrowing its support and qa capabilities while the demand from increased sales is causing more pressure on both the vendor and customer.

Until i get a response or updated firmware, i’ll attempt to remove the app and re-install and anything else others suggest that isn’t just unplugging and resetting a million more times as that’s going nowhere.

It seems the common thing that the OP, myself and you have is that we all have mesh routers. I feel like at this point we’re beta testing for them because they didn’t or don’t know how to implement their updates to our setup. I wish we could have a poll for all those with Homebase issues. They sent my replacement out as an unopened one camera 2C kit because they didn’t have any Homebases available to send by itself.
Or it could be something they’ve changed in the Eufy app itself that’s causing the issues.