Homebase with Eufycam without internet

I have a Homebase with 4x Eufycam. I configured it through my home router as it cant be configured without internet.

Unfortunately, the location I was supposed to use this setup have unreliable power (reason i got the eufycam with its 365-day battery life) and no internet connection.

Question: is there a way for me to record locally via sd card without internet connection? I plan to replace sd card with 128GB. If not, what are my options?

I can get it connected to my phone via hotspot but i am not in the location. I can use my phone to hotspot and hopefully retrieve the data.

I bought a 4g router with a data only sim to connect home BASE Irh the internet, haven’t set it up yet, hope it works…

If you read my last post ignore it. I read the sd part later and realized it wasn’t the homebase 2.