Homebase Power Lost

Today I was sorting out behind our TV (where the Homebase is plugged in) so had to unplug our Homebase, to my surprise I did not get a notification on the Eufy app and nothing was showing under the events history that power had been lost.
Please could we have the option to receive a notification when the Homebase loses power or internet and this be displayed under event history?

Seems mad to spend all this money for a system but if somebody just unplugged the Homebase before the siren sounds we wouldn’t know anybody was in the property.

How much extra would you pay for the “ooops… forgot to plug it back in” notifications?

They could add batteries … but it would still need internet. What if they unplugged that also? Maybe add cellular? Big capacitors with enough storage for 1 last notification? What if they just took it with them or smashed it? Secured Bulletproof and hardened hardware? Even adding a UPS power supply wouldn’t help if they just unplugged it.

Could eufy server ping your homebase once a minute to see if it responds and send your phone a notification? Maybe… ???
sounds like a $4.99 a month service charge to me…

The app shows when the Homebase is offline, if you turn the Homebase off and then look at your devices it states it as offline (it would be offline should power or internet be lost), I’m just asking that when the all detects the Homebase is offline it sends a pop up notification, therefore I don’t believe there should be a charge for this.

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