Homebase not connected intermittently

I’ve got a battery video doorbell with the Homebase 2 and for the 2 weeks I’ve owned it, the Homebase lost connection twice already, requiring me unplug the power adapter to manually restart the device. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

The Homebase is using wifi and is roughly 10-20 feet from my router and when I test the connection with the Eufy app, it says the connection is great. If I wasn’t home, then my doorbell would have been inactive, which is a huge let down. There’s no way for me to plug in an ethernet due to the router location.

I believe the router since all the steps it told me to take involved wifi or ethernet connection. I’ll have to take a screenshot next time. I have no issues with mobile devices or computet disconnecting from my router so not sure why the Homebase is having issues.

I’ll have to give those a try. Mildly frustrating because I have strong wifi signal, so not sure why the router would have to be any closer.

There’s only one wall in between.

Please contact the support@eufylife.com

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