HomeBase models that support "Automation"

EDIT: this is now working on both the [color=orange]HomeBase E[/color], and the original [color=blue]HomeBase[/color] after it updated to firmware v2.0.8.7h.

Thanks to everyone who replied!

I have both an original [color=blue]HomeBase[/color], and a [color=orange]HomeBase E[/color], And I just noticed that the “Automations” option on the Security tab only shows up for the [color=orange]HomeBase E[/color].

It was my understanding that the only difference between the original [color=blue]HomeBase[/color] and [color=orange]HomeBase E[/color] was the lack of the AI engine in the [color=orange]HomeBase E[/color].

Could anyone confirm whether or not the original [color=blue]HomeBase[/color] is compatible with Automations?

The [color=orange]HomeBase E[/color] is on firmware, and the [color=blue]HomeBase[/color] is on neither show an available firmware update, and both are on subsystem version

I appreciate it!

Interesting as I have a HomeBase 2 model and do not see the “Automation” tab at all.

Firmware: subsystem:

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If I am not mistaken I think automation is for the keypad and motion sensor “unreleased”. I looked in the help button in the app and saw that under the motion sensor tab it explained what automations are.

Hey Guys @afx @hbboyd @Joel5 !

To address your concern for the Automation tab, please noted that the Homebase needs to be upgraded to

If the issue still persists, please confirm that your eufy security app has been updated to the latest version as well.

If we can offer further assistance in the future, please do not hesitate to contact us again. We’re always ready to help!

Just checked and there is no firmware updates avaialble for HomeBase 2 and mine is at so how do I get My eufy security app on my iPhone is at 1.7.0_483 which is the lasted available in the app store.

I have original eufy camera system with latest app but my homebase version is but have checked for updates and there are none, is there any way i can fix this? Thanks

@AnkerSupport Obviously people can’t update their firmware due to a message that there are no updates available. How about you tell us how we can get an update then? Thanks.

Hi, same here no firmware update…stil
Homebase 2 ?!

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Hi Everyone!

If you still having issue with the firmware update, please let us know your eufy account and the serial number for the Homebase, so we can upgrade the firmware for you.

Remember your satisfaction is our top priority and we will be sure to resolve the issue for you.

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I am using homebase (original) FW can use Automation. It basically enables one deice to act as a trigger to activate another device.
Example: I use my entry sensor as trigger to start recording my front door cam.

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you only have that firmware version because it is a beta version, its not out yet that’s what people are asking. Should be more clear Im on 2.0.90 as of the other day

Possible! as I subscribed to software Beta group in the early days.
Please contact support@eufylife.com with your account details, they will be able to push the FW to your system.

My Homebase 2 was running I sent an email to support and the next day they said to me they were going to send a new firmware to my homebase. Sent my email address and serial number and as they said the next day it was upgraded. Now I have automations tab.

The question I have is if new firmware is available why do you have to contact support to get it? Why have a check for new firmware in the app then? I have multiply home base 2 units with four EufyCam 2 on each. All of the cameras updated their firmware on one home base to the latest release while all the other cameras on the other home base 2 have not. Why as both home bases are the same model and firmware. So will I have to connect support every time a new firmware is available making the “Check for new firmware” in the app useless and them being depend on being notified somehow that new firmware is available?


Can we please get answers as to why we have a button to check for updates that apparently does not work and we must contact support to push them out once we find out about them here?

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My HB2 updated to v2.0.9.8h today… support for upcoming pro 2k cams, automation tab etc.

Hey guys!

The good news is the is now official release, please check APP device Info>Check for Homebase firmware for the firmware update to achieve the new feature!

​Looking forward to your reply! Have a lovely day.