Homebase and access points

Unfortunately I couldn’t get a clear answer on this, so I hope the community can support.

I am planning to buy the eufycam 2C with homebase. However, I have a large house, and I am afraid that there is no position where I will ensure full coverage for the direct wifi connection between the cameras and the homebase.

On the other hand, I have a switch, on which I have two access points connected, which provides full coverage to the house. If needed, I can add even more access points.

Is it possible to have the homebase connected to this switch via ethernet, and then use the access points to connect the cameras?

Unless you are using all powered indoor cams, no. All the battery cams talk directly to the Homebase and an access point won’t help. The indoor cams all use the router’s wifi and could benefit from having remote access points.

You could also look at the SoloCam and OutdoorCam…
No HomeBase need as they are standalone cameras and work off your home’s Wi-Fi.