Homebase 3 "Unable to add device" for eufycam 2 and wireless doorbell 2k

I have a Homebase 2 with two eufycam 2 cameras and 1 wireless 2k doorbell (battery powered). This works well.

I purchased the Homebase 3 (I like the upgrade features) - I have managed to pair/sync one eufycam 2 camera but no matter what I try, I cannot pair the doorbell or 2nd eufycam 2 camera. I am quite confused by this. I have tried soft and hard resetting all devices, reinstalling app on phone, cycling the homebase 3 (via pin hole on base), ensuring firmware is up to date, devices are fully charged etc. All devices are on the homebase 3 compatibility list as ‘supported’.

I have contacted eufy support (and have an active case open) but I was wondering if anyone else has similar issues with the homebase 3 and legacy devices.


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I have the same problem. My doorbell only connects with the homebase 2, when i tried tot pair it with the homebase 3, homebase 3 didn’t recognize the doorbell.
Maybe it will be solved with later updates?

I have the same issue. A new Homebase 3 connects to cameras ok but won’t sync with duel camera doorbell. Very frustrating.

Same issue in my installation. Doorbell is announced to be supported in March 2023. Today 16.3.2025…
Let’s hope for the best :wink:

I had the same situation yesterday for hours.
i tried to add it to homebase, but always this error.
after resetting it several times i was able to add it back to homebase 2, but not to homebase 3.
Hope it will get soon the update.

latest info from the support team: April 2023 … :unamused:

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If you have trouble to add device: check if you have adguard or something else active. I disabled today and now have all cams in Homebase 3 in 10 minutes without error. Only doorbell is outstanding.