Homebase 3 setup & connectivity


I am about to buy my first Eufy setup.
A Homebase3 with 4 Eufycam3 cameras.

I have two general questions about setup and connectivity:

Is it correct understood that my new Eufycam 3 devices will need to connect wireless, directly to the Homebase3 or are they able to connect to the Homebase3 unit through my normal mesh based wifi?

I understand that the Homebase3 needs to be ethernet wired directly to my router during initial setup.
How about when it is all connected. Would it be possible to move the Homebase3 to the other end of my house and connect it, with an ethernet cable, to a mesh device? The mesh device will then be connected to my router via wifi.

I am new here so bare with me if this is common knowledge.
I have tried to search but I am still uncertain of the functionality.
Thanks for all your help.


I’ll answer some of your questions…
You basically have the just of it.

The cameras can only connect to the Homebase via its own proprietary hidden SSID and uses 2.4 G Wi-Fi.
Basically it acts as a Wi-Fi repeater / extender once connected to your network.
If you have the HB connected to your home’s Wi-Fi it will broadcast on the same channel I don’t know if it uses the same channel if connected via Ethernet cable.

Initial setup of the HB needs to be done with an ethernet cable connected to your modem / router.
After that you have a choice to either connect it via Wi-Fi or leave it as is.

I suppose you could connect it to an ethernet port on one of your mesh devices, you’ll have to test that out.

Now if you haven’t purchased it yet, take a look at their SoloCams as they are standalone units, meaning that they don’t need a HomeBase to connect to.
Just your home’s Wi-Fi and the phone app is all that’s needed.

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Do not buy this crap. It seems to work, and in no time it starts to change set up. Video is great but the triggering is appalling and very inconsistent. The user interface is also appalling.
I also not have to log in daily.

My piece of advice: don’t buy. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on this system and the connectivity is so poor it makes the whole system worthless, useless, inconsistent.

I have 2 systems, Netvue and Eufy. I like neither of them but at least Netvue works as they say it does. If you want to watch your cameras live, on Eufy… forget about it, 95% of the time, you’ll wait, look at the loader icon for minutes and… nothing. Try 20 times and perhaps it will show you something. This is so frustrating, I wish I never encountered this brand, I invested way too much in it and now I do regret it.

If you have not purchased yet, perhaps try Reolink, I’ve not tested yet. Tapo works but they have a very limited number of devices. If you find the ideal solution, please tell us. Anker, Eufy parent’s firm, is so diversified that they don’t spend enough time on software, you can see this from many details. Perhaps with a few updates they’ll manage to make their shit work. For now, it does not work.