Homebase 3 local storage option not showing after HD install

anybody has the same issue?
bottom picture left my homebase 3 storage management
right is eufy website picture

It used to show like that but after a few updates, it only shows the drive you install and not the internal storage. If you remove the installed drive, you’ll see the internal storage.

So which is default for storing videos first? The internal or external (added HD). My storage never changes. It always just says 1024GB available. How do I know if it’s even recording what I ‘think’ i’m streaming to it?

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I don’t know. I would assume that it turns off the internal storage once you put a drive in if they made it disappear. Are you deleting any of your clips? Just stop deleting clips. Let them accumulate and see if it starts adding up. I don’t have enough clips to say myself because I have a habit of going and deleting them but I’ll learn to stop doing that, lol. 1TB is a lot, so don’t expect to see that drop much if you’re not leaving the clips on there. I have 4 cameras but only 1 is in a high-traffic area and even then, because I have a zone set up, it only gets maybe 5-10 clips daily.

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samething happen to me and i can confirm you that the local storage is where the video is stored and not the hdd. it is frustrating that the hdd feature is not working

I am having same issue. Any solution provided by EUFY?

I am having the exact issue you have. Contact eufy support, no solutions, very disappointed :cold_sweat: do you have any updates?

same here, I let the cameras record as many videos posible and that memory never moves always the same, I also let the camareras recording and nothing happens with memory use. Any help ?

I have the same problem - added the 1TB drive - lots of recordings going on from 4 cameras daily, but capacity remains at 100% - Eufy support - what is happening here?

Same with me, after installing HDD, I can’t see local storage, video records which were stored on local storage are not visible in the events anymore and new events aren’t uploaded to HDD. This is really unbelievable. An as a bonus one of the S330 camera started to have a problem with light sensor. Don’t know if it’s after firmware update. Eufy support is terrible with their stupid recommendations to fix the problem. I am really disappointed.

I have the same issue with base3. Nor used capacity or Local Storage is showing up and the HD is always
100% available :rofl:. As long as the system doesn’t loss the recordings, I may be ok with it. It’s a bug for sure. I’m surprised and disappointed that eufy has no words about it since 2/20/23 when this thread was initialed.