HomeBase 2 with EufyCam E

Hi, for the last year I have been using my 6 eufycam E cameras with the HomeBase E that came in my first 2 cameras kit. Everything works fine and I’m happy with the products.
After recommending the brand to two other friends, they ended buying the EufyCam 2C kits. They are also happy with their purchases.
My 2 questions are:
1 - is there a possibility to buy the better HomeBase that comes with the 2C cameras separately to replace the older model that came with my eufycams E?
2 - in the eventuality of buying the new homebase, could I pair it with my model Es in order to get AI (artificial intelligence) capabilities? From my understanding, the AI happens in the HomeBase and not in the cameras, right?.
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Currently the Homebase 2 is the latest version of Homebase, we will launch the next generation in next year and it will be sold separately.

It will be compatible with eufyCam E and has AI function.

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it will also be compatible with eufycam2 ???

I am using 3 Cam E’s and 2 2Cs on a Homebase 2. The AI is in the cameras, so you don’t get AI on the Cam Es by pairing it with the Homebase 2. That said, the Cam E’s work fine on Homebase 2 and the video quality of the E is better than the 2Cs.

The one thing you lose by moving to the Homebase 2 is the 128GB storage card. The Homebase 2 has 16 GB of internal storage. That’s plenty for me, but some people always want more.

What they come up with in the future is anyone’s guess. Although I like my Eufy system, they don’t seem to have a very consistent vision of where they are going with their product line.

Thank you all for taking the time to answer my question.