Homebase 2 will only pair with 2 eufy cams , why

Homebase 2 will only pair with 2 eufy cams, very frustrating. Brought homebase 2 and 2 eufy cams together and added extra which were brought separate and now won’t let.me.add 2 more and help out there

Homebase 2 is capable of having 16 cameras or doorbells added to it. I currently have 14 cams, 6 sensors, 1 doorbell, and 2 keypads on one homebase 2 without any issues. You either have defective cams or you are trying to pair some of the wired cams which don’t talk to homebase 2.

Holy crap

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What does wired cams mean

What does wired cams mean, I’ve done all the troubleshootingand still won’t let me sync

Wired… plugged in… not battery. Eufy is crossing lines with a bunch of the new stuff. The homebase only works with certain cameras and gear. And the homebase idea as a whole is on its way out…

@preset @chefrd I thought I was over using with 10 cameras on a homebase, LOL!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You are over!

If indeed it is a battery camera, and you are keeping it very close to the homebase, you should be able to pair it.
Did you charge the camera prior to the attempt?

In case it won’t work at all, I suggest writing to support@eufylife.com for more help.

@chefrd That’s why I got several home bases to spread the wealth, lol.

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I had 2 homebases for a while but hated the issue of not being able to manage everything with one set of automations and modes. Spent some time with my trusty spectrum analyzer and moved things around until I found a spot for the homebase that gave me good signal at all my devices without any interference. Ran a new cat5 cable to that spot and now have one homebase talking to everything.

I probably have more cams than I need, but they have already saved me some money by having a record of when they lawn guy was there. He tried to overcharge me saying he was there when he wasn’t. I just printed out a screenshot of every time he showed up and he gave up. He no longer does my lawn after that.

Also, have one 2C cam on a tripod that I can use for a remote set of eyes. Came in handy the other day when I was doing a plumbing project when no one was around. I had to go to the basement to turn the water on. I set the cam up to watch for leaks and I had a little one that could have been much worse if I hadn’t been watching.

It’s amazing the uses you can find for a remote set of eyes.


It’s great. I bought a couple of the 2C cameras when they were on discount about a month ago. While deciding on where to place them, we got some new kittens. One of the cameras is currently the Kitten Cam. We get our Kitten fix remotely when we are elsewhere in the house or out, it has already come in handy as one of the little furballs managed to climb the fire grate I was using as a child gate and I saw her outside the room :smile:

@preset Agreed…it’s a hassle changing modes on several home bases. I’m still waiting on the day when we can bundle them together (along with the stand alone cameras) via the Eufy app.

Over time, we’ve added so many different type of cameras throughout the property it’s comical. However, I believe it has been a big deterrent (we’ve only had two individuals approach our driveway and quickly left because of them). I’m not quite sure our lawn maintenance, mailman, UPS, or Amazon people love them, LOL!!

At least we all know when someone approaches anywhere near our property because we’ll get several alerts. At night half of them are set to alarm with motion. This helped scare away one of our intruders at 5am who was trying to check our car doors.

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So… why are we not best friends?


My peeps wave and say hello. I also leave them treats when it gets crappy out. Thanks global warming (Water… gatorade.)

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My UPS guy is great. He’ll actually ring the doorbell and say I have a package. The mailman has his own way of delivering my fragile electronics. He’s been practicing his lob from 6 or 7 feet away from the porch. Doesn’t seem to care the camera is looking right at him.


Worked at a UPS hub in Denver for 4 years … you really don’t want to know what happens to your fragile stuff behind the scenes…

I have a spare 2c cam I use for odd jobs also. It’s called the pony cam… I mostly use it to let me know when the neighbors pony is around so I can give her some love and treats. Gets tons of oddball work… but I’m glad to have it for your “remote eyes”