Homebase 2 Wi-Fi password

Just received Video Doorbell 2K (Battery-Powered) Set. I have done a setup with LAN successfully. Now I am trying to setup with Wi-Fi and am having an issue.

My router’s Wi-Fi WPA2 password contains blank characters. Using an Android EufySecurity app, I am trying to setup a Wi-Fi Connection for Homebase 2 (firmware version I select “Connection - Wi-Fi Setup” “Other Network” by entering my Wi-Fi Nme, Security: WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK and my password. I get a message in red characters saying: Special symbols allowed in password: `~!@#$%^&*()__-=+|[{]}/?.<>’;:
when I enter my router’s password.

It seems that blank characters in the password are not being allowed, is this true? All my many other Wi-Fi devices allow blanks in the password.


Have you tried keying %20 instead of blank? It’s the actual character code and I’ve had to use it occasionally in other applications; it may not work here if the % symbol is actually a valid one in Eufy passwords, but it’s worth a try. I use the underscore symbol instead of blank but changing the router password is a nightmare these days with so many devices linked to it!.

Two years later and the same issue still exists.

The answer I got from Support on the request to allow spaces in wifi password is: "Sorry to say we change this rule in order to ensure customers can switch to a Wi-Fi connection successfully. According to statistics, we find a lot of customers cannot connect to Wi-Fi due to the “space” character. "

I appreciate they are trying to protect people from themselves and reduce helpdesk calls, but it is resulting in having a client device dictating password policy vs the wifi “server” (aka access point / router). If this were a standard practice every time you add a new device to your wifi network it would become an exercise in resetting the wifi password to something “acceptable” to that manufacturer and having to go reset it across EVERY device already attached to the wifi. Slowly the password would be “dumbed” down to lowest common denominator.

This is creating a very poor customer experience.

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Agreed, this is ridiculous!

I’m not resetting my wifi password because some project manager at Eufy thinks that it’s appropriate to enforce a password policy to systems their software doesn’t control…

Eufy decided they were going to ignore the 802.11 Wifi standard for some moronic reason. Their technical staff is totally incompetent. The reason for standards is so crap like this doesn’t happen.

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I’m facing a unique situation. I’ve configured it using LAN, but now I’m attempting to switch to Wi-Fi. The challenge arises from my router’s Wi-Fi password, which includes blank spaces. Utilizing the Android EufySecurity app, I navigate to “Connection - Wi-Fi Setup” and choose “Other Network” option. Upon entering my Wi-Fi Name, Security (WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK), and my password, I’m met with an error message highlighted in red text. The message indicates that the password can’t contain blank spaces, and it points out the special symbols allowed.

Can someone at Eufy reply to this situation? This is stupid. I have a large number of devices that I won’t reconfigure. Blank is as a valid character as ? or _, reducing the set of allowed characters is not really improving security. Neither is Eufy’s role force non eufy products passwords requirements.

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At some point recently my Homebase has disconnected from the wifi and this appears to be the reason. The network pw hasn’t changed and includes spaces. So the original pw is no longer valid and at some point the updated policy was pushed and kicked the device off the network.

I’m not that wild about changing the pw on every device in the house to accomodate this. Some feedback would be appreciated.

I’m here to also add in that this is a problem, and a particularly dumb one as well.

Eufy, all you have to do is allow us to enter in the password. You don’t need to weigh in on the password characteristics. Just send whatever we tell you to the router to authenticate.

I suspect you may have other issues. This isn’t a recent change, The lack of spaces in passwords has been a documented issue for over 3 years and Eufy won’t fix it. Its part of the 802.11 wifi standard that they choose to ignore. There are post in this thread on the problem from 2020.

Thanks for your response. It’s a bit weird that the issue only appeared in the last few months as I hadn’t touched the config since I bought it. It currently lives on it’s own network until I replace it. Between this and various security holes in recent years it’s time to look elsewhere unfortunately.