Homebase 2 update

My homebase 2 just did an update at 11 o’clock at night. It’s now informing me that I must remove all of my devices and re-add them immediately in order for it to function. I’m kind of amazed that you guys would allow a patch to be installed that would require people to remove all of their cameras without warning them that you were doing so. Thanks for disabling my security system for the evening until I can get to it in the morning.

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I’m not surprised.

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I received the update too, but everything was running as expected (just ok) this morning. Goofy people told me yesterday a firmware update was 1-2 months out. WTF

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What’s so bad is as usual a bunch of sh!t is not fixed.

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Updating the firmware of devices of a customer without any confirmation by the customer is a very bad behaviour.

In addition it is not tolerable that the customer has afterwards to remove all devices, add them again and then forcing the customer to go to all cams and re-sync them…

It would be OK -at least for me- to remove and add all devices again (if all the necessary things to do after a firnware update can be done within the app)… But I am not willing to go step by step to each installed cam to press the sync button again and again after every new firmware update that wad installed (without any conformation in advance from me).

The cams are known to the HomeBase2. Why not storing all relevant data in a small, hidden area on the internal space, adding the cams after the firmware update automatically and removing the data afterwards. Or give the customer the chance to download all settings / cams before a firmware update and afterwards the user is able to upload the settings/cams afterwards by just uploading the file?

I did the removal, re-adding and re-sync if all cams now for the 2nd time within one (1) week.
In case this happens again I will give all cams including HomeBase 2 back to the seller to get my money back.

The cams are good but the software implementation is …


Just got an app update too. Seems as though nothing was fixed there either.

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Anyone wants to try to update the app (and then requiring to remove, re-add and re-sync all cams again)?

I never updated the android app as I still want battery percentage indicator :battery::joy: on my wired battery doorbell.

I also have iOS app too on the other phone.

Your last sentence sums it up. Good cam but software sucks. Those working on it appear to be new, not trained or just f’ing stupid!

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Terrible operation. They need a good USA company to take over.

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I don’t think anything would help these folks. I’ll be outta here very soon. Packing up my shit and moving on. One more good post or so and that’s it.

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Before the update, my wired and battery operated Doorbell has 88% charge status. Now with the update the battery percentage display has disappeared. A step backwards!

In addition, I still lack an Android widget to quickly change the modes.

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