Homebase 2 storage issue

The homebase 2 storage appears to get used up quite quickly and even if you manually delete footage the homebase doesn’t reflect this.

I thought the new update would address this but it hasn’t. I’ve cleared all footage and recently had 8 clips max 45 sec and its 1.3GB… Really?

When you export it, the clips are lot smaller in size. Honesty Eufy/Anker needs to address this issue.

The external storage isn’t available yet but I really hope they release this soon. I’d be willing to beta test it.

I still have a ticket open with Eufy on this. I’ve sent a screen share video to them to analyze and still awaiting a fix.

Bugs like these should be a priority. Eufy is quite slow.


I’ve just posted about recent issues, I believe they don’t have good team at all for issues. Im sad that I might be sending all my cameras back as can,t have a slow approach to security cameras etc. A friend did warn me that a vacuum / charger company will not be able run a successful security company with servers etc.
I now wish I listened

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It seems that eufy employees don’t bother looking at these threads.

I’ve noticed that when they do reply, it’s selective and basic “contact support”…

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I have NO clips and Home Base 2 says it is 11.98GB full. Any suggestions? Thanks!