Homebase 2 red light

These cameras are straight garbage, nothing but issues. Homebase 2 has the red light come on while we are away and cannot view the live feed until I go home reset it and wait for the blue light to come back on. Any way of fixing this? Or should I Huck everything in the trash?


Is must be an issue with your setup.
Do you have it connected to WiFi or with an ethernet cable?

Wifi havnt had any issues with it for until the new update.

The app update?

Have the same issue (since Monday) red light blinking all the time, I’ve tried everything…

  • I’ve tried unplugging it and plug it back again (Didn’t work)

  • Tried the reset hole in the back (Didn’t work)

  • Tried resetting the router (Didn’t work)

  • Tried another ethernet cable (Didn’t work)

  • Checked to see if DHCP was on (it was on)

  • removed device and now I lost connection to my two cameras and doorbell and I can’t add the homebase 2 because of the red light.

So I’m lost of ideas now.

I am experiencing a similar issue. Main device connected via ether etc. Device restarted number of times. Have flashing orange light and now no light at all.
If there are any options to help remediate, pls advise