Homebase 2 no longer alarm delay sound

I used to have a alarm delay countdown sound on my homebase 2 and or keypad when leaving home after setting away mode and coming home home with away mode.
This was useful to know if the system was on away mode when coming home.

Not sure when this delay sound stopped working but no matter what I try, no setting will give me this sound back.

Is there been a change that this option is removed?


Edit: it seems there is no sound at all coming from the homebase 2 anymore. When I click on my doorbell there is no sound either.
Is there something I can do or is my homebase 2 broken?
Restarting did not fix it.

I have exactly the same issue and have just phoned Eufy. I’ve sent them a video of the issue alongside screenshots. The Alarm Delay and Leaving Delay were working perfectly allowing the alarm to be activated/deactivated using a Keypad in the hallway. The delay stopped working after I added two new Eufy Sirens.