Homebase 2 keeps going offline (the red dot) - This is new

After well over 12 months use my Homebase 2 has started regularly (several times a day) going offline (indicator changing from blue to red).

I know my wi-fi signal is strong between the router and the hub and no major changes to my HomeKit network of accessories.

Firmware is up-to-date (System v3.2.6.7h).

Any ideas?

Same here, though my system is only a 6 weeks old and the issue has been recurring at least 1-2 times per week since installation.
System version, subsystem
WiFi signal is very strong as the Homebase2 unit is only a room away from router.

Power cycling the WiFi router resolves the issue, but this is only possible if someone is at home…

Someone suggested that the HomeBase2 unit gets tripped up if your router is automatically hopping channels to maintain the best signal, so I manually set the router to a fixed channel. This did NOT solve the issue…

Potentially an IP address clash with other devices coming and going from the network issue? I will try to set a static IP for the camera via the router settings and let you know if that works…