Homebase 2 Ethernet of wifi?

My Homebase 2 is at present connected to Ethernet and it’s only about 3 feet from my router and about 8 feet from my Battery Doorbell (wired). I’m wondering if the connection to the Homebase and doorbell would be better using wifi.
Does anyone use wifi and find it a better connection?.


a wired connection will ALWAYS be more stable than wifi. I work in IT for a University, so I have credit behind my opinion.


The only reason to use WiFi is if you need to get the home base close to the cameras due to limited range and you have no Ethernet nearby


My router is in our lounge and the homebase 2 is in the dining room (middle of a 3 bed semi detached house in the uk) on wifi and dont have any connections problems

Probably best to try it but if you suffer with disconnection problems go back to ethernet

I’m using wifi and it’s connected to doorbell outside along with 2c cam floor above and 2c cam at the backyard (garden). Signal strength solid on all 3.

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Had my battery doorbell and Homebase 2 for about 3 weeks. Battery life appears good right now only using 20% but the doorbell lost connection either yesterday or maybe a few days ago. Pressing retry connection constantly didn’t work. Switched off Homebase then tried reconnecting which didn’t work either.

Decided to remove device and add on again which still didn’t work and couldn’t find the doorbell until I called support(on hold. Never spoke to anyone) at which point it decided to reconnect!

I assume the doorbell connects to the Homebase via wifi(it’s connected via Ethernet) and was thinking that a problem might be that my mesh routers work on combined/best frequency and I think the eufy works on 2.4ghz but then the Homebase is wired so that doesn’t make sense. Just hope it doesn’t happen again.

In my house the router is right next to the front door, so I connected the Homebase 2 via Ethernet to the router.

I‘ve tested both connections. WiFi connected homebase: Camera takes 8 seconds to show a live video on my phone. Ethernet connected Homebase: 2-3 seconds.

I was having major lag issues on my network when I had the Ethernet connected and WiFi enabled. I was testing both independently and found faster results as expected on the Ethernet connection but I must have accidentally left WiFi on at the end of my test. This was wreaking havoc on my home network, but only on an intermittent basis, which made it very confusing to figure out what the issue was. Just disabled the WiFi and traffic within my home network seems to be working much better. Thought I’d add this info since it’s related in case anyone else comes across the same issue!