Homebase 2 Device / Type Device Connection Limit

Seen many threads on the number of devices you can connect to Homebase 2, from 4 to 8 then when 9 the system fall over, also there are other posts of 16!

This one is simple Eufy, clearly state the number of devices; Cams / Door sensors / Motion sensors etc you can connect to one Homebase at any one time.

Being clear on what you can and cant do helps with all undersating the limintations and if additional hardware is requied or not.

Did anyone ever get an answer to this?

Does the doorbell count as ‘camera’?

I have 3 No 2C cams and 1 No Doorbell, total 4 cameras, then 5 door sensors, total devices 9
In this configuation the homebase falls over, take one / two / three of the door sensors off no change
Remove one of the 2c cameras with alldoor sensors on and been fine

There is a issue here so plan to put the doorbell sensors on one HB and the 3 No 2C on another HB

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I have 3 cameras (eufycam 2) and 1 doorbell, 1 door sensor, no problems thus far. Thinking of adding 1 more camera and more sensors. That’s why I ask. Is it safe to add anything else?

@ed129: I do not understand. Is this configuration working for you or do you have errors?

I had 2 doorbells, 2 x 2c and an indoor cam, it was like walking through treacle, had to remove a 2c to make the system respond again.

So 4 for me was max, counting doorbells as cameras, which is what they technically are.

Eufy would have tested this, but still claim up to 16…

Perhaps this is the work around coming up with the expansion of storage on a homebase 2? Given it needs both connection and storage to write and read etc. the internal components can’t write the speed of all devices so perhaps upgrades to the USB coding will allow it to pull it off or require another homebase with USB3 or something to that effect. Think of speeds like a lightning port on a Apple computer. Although these technologies are improving it’s just gonna be a game. Pass some more popcorn. These are just my opinions and basic approach to this problem.

Pretty much. It’s like trying to use a laptop with a N600 with 4gb ram vs an i7 chip with 16gb ram.


The current configuation of 2 cams / doorbell & 5 sensors works fine, when i add third cam then it falls over.
Hope this helps

On my Homebase 1 I have 3 cameras, 1 keypad, 3 entry sensors and 1 motion sensor - all working well.

On my homebase 2 I currently have 1 camera, 1 keypad, and 4 entry sensors all working well - I would like to add more entry sensors to basically cover-off all ground floor access points (doors and large windows) - which would mean ramping up from 4 sensors to 10 sensors - wondering if this will tip it over the edge!

Since the entry senors and motion detectors don’t use video, the bandwidth to support them is alot smaller, so you should be able to add lots of sensors. All they do is report open or closed and probably a bit for the battery state. The limit I saw was 16 originally and I believe its been increased since then. I have 6 cams, 1 doorbell, 2 entry sensors, a keypad and a motion detector all on one homebase. Haven’t seen any sign of problems accessing them or getting notifications.

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At this moment, I’m rocking two keypads, three motion sensors, an entry sensor, battery doorbell, three eufycam 2’s and one eufycam 2 pro. Not issues at all.

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