Homebase 2 -Compatible products

It‘s a hard time for me to find out which products I could add to my home base 2. Indoor products for instance come with SD card/cloud storage feature. Doorbell too. It would be great to have one central system that is connecting to all devices and storing videos. Anyone who can enlighten me which products are compatible with homebase2 at the moment. Really don’t want do search each product and then being disappointed again. Also: specs table comparing all products and compatibilities would be GREAT!
Many thanks

CThey have made a mild attempt to clear some of this confusion using the “solo” concept.

Let’s see: here is what I know for sure because I own them.

2c pro
Cam 2
Cam 2 pro
Motion sensor
Window/door sensor

Pan/tilt 2k
Outdoor wired c24 (pro/2k)

A simple web search would have yielded the Eufy page that lists the compatible devices.

Compatibility Page

Perfect, thanks! Was only searching the App device pages…