Homebase 1 additional chime

Hi, just bought myself a battery powered video doorbell and additional chime. Video doorbell works fine together with my homebase 1. However the additional chime is not. Next to the upsidedown USB orientation de QR code cannot be scanned. Is this something which just does not work? Is there an alternative way to connect an additional chime to a homebase 1 system?

Thanks in advance for your help.

The QR code should work regardless of orientation if you hold it steady enough. If not, you can enter the code manually by clicking the link at the bottom of the screen. The manual code should be below or next to the QR code. See the app Help section or the user manual for the procedure.

Just to make sure: this is an additional chime with USB dongle. When adding the dongle via doorbell settings it states that the dongle is not detected. Btw on the box sticker it is mentioned that it is to be used with homebase 2 (which was not mentioned on the website I bought it from…)

The Usb dongle chime was a later product. It may not be compatible with the earlier homebase. For a start, make sure you have the latest firmware in your homebase. If it still doesn’t add, contact support and ask if it’s compatible.