Home owners insurance discount

Has anyone tried to get a discount with their home owners insurance using Eufy cameras and/or Home security?

Just curious if anyone has had any luck with that and if so which company they use.

Yeah it doesn’t work especially because its not monitored by a company. I had tried it with State Farm no go :roll_eyes:

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Interesting…Was the insurance with the SD or from the cloud…@mjohns2002

As far as I was told it doesn’t matter! A professional service is based on how a 911 call or a fire or things of that nature happen. A service is running 24/7 we are not. That’s why paying for a service is the only way…if I’m wrong please chime in at least this is what I was told from my agent.

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@LlewellynPhotography I have AAA and was told the same thing. Only monitoring services count, like ADT…and even for that I needed to provide a certificate of coverage .

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Thanks for the info. I guess the fire hydrant close to my house and the fire fighter living 1000 ft away from me won’t help me either. :rofl:

I will just take the cam that I have and be content with that right now. I am luck that I am in an area that is not too bad plus between me and my wife (me late or wife up early) somebody is almost always around the house… well with Covid, I am always around the house :rofl:


Proof required of 24/7 coverage from authorized providers , even then the discount available isn’t huge. :frowning:

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We did the trackers on our vehicles from the insurance as my son is now on it. I know there was lots of times that tracker was showing more sensitivity than it should as we always try to drive safely. Well most times, it would trigger things that I know it should not have triggered. I was at a dead stop and moved like 3 feet and it dinged me. So the percentage off was not as great as I was thinking it would be.

It would be nice if insurances care on that stuff but all they want is that money…

I just got this email from Wyze yesterday. A 24/7 monitoring system from Wyze ($4.99/month or pay for a year up front and they include a 5 alarm kit for free). They also provide a certificate for insurance purposes. And this one includes cam plus for all your Wyze cameras. The monitoring system is pre-order and does not ship till Feb’21: https://wyze.com/home-security-monitoring
Another (better?) option might be the $100/year Amazon’s Ring Protect Plus which has a boatload of really useful included features. You can see a comparison of their plans here: https://ring.com/protect-plans
Between the $60 Wyze and $100 Amazon Ring Plus I think having a trillion dollar company behind might matter to some.