Home hub 2 has lost connection

Home hub has stopped working for some unknown reason and I can’t figure out how to fix,

Has lost it connections with 1xdoorbell and 2xcams, I’ve uninstalled everything, rest, double checked internet, power and everything ells and it will not reconnect/pair with any devices again.

Any help be great although I’ve almost had enough and getting ready to send it all back to amazon

@prorion Is it connected to the internet by ethernet?

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Yes mate it is

There is nothing I’ve missed, my guess is that an update has messed things up. Unless someone knows of an easy fix I’m gonna be looking into returning everything as I’m not in the mood for this crap lol sorry spent hours trying to sort

Go into the Eufy security app>
Click in the 3 lines on the top left>
Click on my devices>
Click on the homebase, then click on remove>

On the homebase itself, press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds>
Then reinstall it as per the manufacturer directions and it should work from there. You may also have to remove the cameras from your account, but start with the home base first

After uninstalling everything and resetting all seems back to normal for now

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Glad you sorted it pal