Home base says Micro SD card full

I format the storage and it still says microSD card is full need to back up… I have deleted all videos notification and alerts.

Take the SD card out & put it in a pc, format it & try copying a file to it

When they fail they go write protect (read only)

I suspect that your card has failed, mine failed in less than a year, replacement has been fine since, I was a Kickstarter backer so I think I’ve had the system over 3 years

The SD cards or not removable in the homebase there’s no way to get them out

The recent Homebase 2 does not even have an SD card for memory. Only the older Homebase and Homebase E models have true SD card storage. The memory in Homebase 2 is an EMMC chip that can’t be changed out. Sounds like you either have an older unit or the error your getting is another example of Eufy quality software. Meaning when they went to a newer Homebase, they just re-used the old code and error messages.

I would backup any video clips you want to save and send an email to support@eufylife.com. If they can’t tell you how to fix the issue, they probably owe you a new homebase.

I have the same message after the latest firmware on my Homebase 2. Very annoying.

Both my homebases have SD cards, there’s 3 different versions of the homebase