Home base memorie seems deleted after three month not used


I have a doorbell and I changed location. After three months unused I plugged it in my new location I thought I could see my recordings from three month ago but the memorie shows 14.49 GB storage available.

It’s not overwriting because very few videos has been recored since then.

Is it possible that after some time the memorie erase itself if not used ? I thought it was like only loop rewriting that was erasing the memorie.

Any clue about what’s going on and if there is any mean to recover my videos from Home base ?

Many thanks.


Eufy deletes all events greater than 90 days old. This was done to support EU data regulation, but they implemented it worldwide without telling anyone. Been this way for over a year now. If you want events older than 90 days, save them to your phone before they go away.

Thank you. It’s very problematic as I had sensitive recording that Iwanted to refer to. I think I need to find another company that allow to keep our data.