Home base 2 storage problem

Please help. I have I recently purchased eufy cam 2c and the storage now say I have zero. I have followed every instruction reset, unplug from wall, reset completely where I had to reset snd sync all three of my cameras, purchased cloud storage and still it shows up with 0gb available.
Can anyone please give me any other advice to solve this problem.???

Ugh. Does it give you the option to format the memory?

Hi, no it doesn’t it just doesn’t give me any options, nothing has been easy to figure out getting very frustrated.

Odd. I don’t know how the homebase behaves after adding cloud storage but…. You should still see “repair” and “format” at the bottom of that page under the homebase storage.

So… that would leave 2 things. Corrupt local storage on the homebase or your phone app. I would reinstall the app. And factory reset the homebase. (And I don’t remember how to do that)

Any other piece of the puzzle we don’t know about ? Using a jailbroken iPhone…. Side loaded on a kindle fire?

Thank you for your advice, I have done all the instructions you have suggested. And once again nothing. I don’t see repair or format the only option I get are the following (see pic)
Surly there has to be a way that I can fix this… iv spent a lot of money on this security home system and it’s not securing my home :woman_shrugging:t4:

You should have options on the bottom of the Storage screen to format, repair or clear storage.

Here is what mine looks like on Android app.

Which OS are you using IOS or Android?

Do you have the latest app version? Android is v3.3.0 1049.

Be aware this board is a user forum and isn’t monitored by Eufy, so if you have an issue we can’t help with, contact Eufy support directly. Also, the more information you give when you post here, the better your chances of getting a solution.

Im using the app via iPhone, I have just logged onto an android and have more options. Thank you for you help. I really appreciate it… fingers x I can get it working or I will be contacting the service desk for help

I only use the drive in the homebase so mine has the storage info.

I would assume this would be blank as that data would be in the Eufy cloud service.

Athough I may be completely wrong in my thinking

We are just peeps trying to help… preset is correct and I think that is your next step.

Hope that works for u goodluck