Home base 2 recordings

Just set up my Homebase 2 and when I click on the menu and select storeage options it’s says it has recorded 7 motions my question is where do you find these recordings I have looked everywhere and can’t see

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On the main screen of the app, click the Events button in the bottom middle. There you will find the recorded events. If they’re not from today, press the date to find out which day they’re from.

Yea done that and that’s what I don’t understand I click on events and it says no recordings yet when I click on the home base app select storage it says 7 motions have been recorded even if I select format card it still comes back as 7 motions recorded so where the hell are they

Make sure you have the correct date selected. Click on the date and a dot will be displayed under days with events recorded.

Done that as well still comes back as my previous post

Is this a new unit or reconditioned. Maybe go further back in time in the calendar to see if there is anything there. If not just reformat and start again and check everything works as expected.

Brand new unit have formated it it shows we have been protecting you for 1 day then we have recorded 7 motions

Ok, ignoring this info, does the unit work and record new events as expected. If it does, don’t worry about the old events it could be a glitch.

have just rebooted the system and went to bed will try again to set it up tomorrow with a clear head