Home base 2 not connecting to WiFi

I bough my the security camera a week back and all was working fine. However since yesterday the homebase led has turned red and after several attempts including restarting the homebase 2 is not connecting to WiFi, while all other mobile devices are perfectly connected to same WiFi. Has anyone encountered this issue? What is the solution?

Yes. I am totally wireless here and have 3 acres of land to spread out my WiFi to. Lost the WiFi connection and at first had a hard time getting it back. I took the base and using the usb cord connected to the modem again. Waited till it gave the connection signal. Then unplugged from the modem not the power. Waited again till it said WiFi connected. Then I’m plugged power brought it to where I wanted it. Plugged it back in (power) it took about 2 min for it to relocate. Later I had the same problem because of a power outage. But this time all I had to do is go into the app and click on the base and hit refresh. Also noticed the base does not receive well if a kitchen is between it and the modem. I’m going to assume do to all the medal.

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Read my thread

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Do you have a Ethernet cable plugged in? That takes precedence over the WiFi network.

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Where can i find your thread

I also cannot connect to WiFi. Good signals but keeps ‘thinking’ when I enter password. And stays on ‘thinking’ spiral