Home Base 2 External Storage

I read that “in the future” eufyCam 2C and/or 2 would support external USB storage from the HomeBase 2. Is that available yet? Are there any other options for adding local storage?


Hi Eccher,
Thank you for choosing eufy. My apology, external USB storage is not ready now and it is the only way to expand your local storage of HomeBase 2. But i believe it is coming soon!


yes having the ability to record on an external USB drive would be brilliant hope it comes soon


Do hope it will be smartly implemented.
I mean it is great to be able to expand the storage. But would hope it would copy it off the internal storage to the USB storage.
In other words: that the latest/newest footage is available on both internal and USB storage.
That way there’s 3 benefits:

  1. Someone stealing the USB storage would still leave you with the internally stored footage
  2. It will allow for making backups on a PC easier (also hoping it will be accessible for us to make backups; i.e. not encrypted/possible for us to decrypt. But this is something else)
  3. The internal storage is designed for speed. And having the newest footage available fast to view via the app is a big plus.

The footage may only be viewed on eufysecurity app, so no use of backing up to a PC

What happens if we just plug in a thumb drive or connect it to an external hard drive? Of course it’s my guess that nothing will happen because only the Eufy app can recognize it or allow user to view the drive. It’s not a PC where we can browse the Home Base 2 platform. Anyone know how to expand on this? Thanks

I would love an option to connect external storage even in a beta option. With my cameras and motion settings we record a lot and currently can get only the last 2.5 weeks or so.


It would be cool if they gave us samba support


Hey guys! Please noted that the external storeage feature will be avaivale very soon on our Homebase 2 device.

Please stay tuned to all of our social media and Anker website to get the latest information. You can also subscribe to our newsletter and receive Anker news directly to your email.

If you need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.


Wicked happy to hear that we can have external storage feature available soon. Can you define when soon is? Early summer? Also, I would like to know if we can utilize external hard drives in this new feature as well as flash drives? e.i. 2TB (or more) USB external hard drive that connects to base 2.

Thanks for getting back.

The external storage feature should be released within 2-3 months if everything goes well.

Any other concerns we can address in the future, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for your support. Have a lovely day.


Will the external storage have to be formatted to your encrypted file system or will it be standard fat32 / exfat / NTFS?


How to subscribe to your news and updates?

Build a NAS and have your videos stream to the NAS. Problem solved. You’ll be able to store years and the videos will be on your local network and not a cloud storage.


Streaming to a NAS would be optimal. I currently have a 40TB NFS share on my network. Any ideas on if/when that will be implimented? Because the only options I have seen are to use 3rd party software like Blue Iris (or Surveillance Station on Synology) as an RTSP target which in turn then offloads to your storage location. And i’ve seen that can be somewhat unreliable as the RTSP server wants a constant connection and the eufy camera is only on and streaming during a motion detected event.

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Awesome, 2 - 3 months, so that would be by August? Any firm release date?

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I hear what you are saying, i am using RSTP with the Indoor camera though and it is awesome and so far has been rock solid with the stream. They are doing CVR though which isn’t possible with the batter powere ones as i understand it. I am also using a free software called Motion on linux with the Motioneye user interface. The one problem i have and is specific to me is i haven’t configured it with a bunch of storage. I need to decide how i may do that.

Looking to purchase external storage options now. At this point can you say the planned update will enable third-party solutions or will Eufy have a proprietary external storage add-on? Hoping it’s the former, thanks.


Hello, I just purchased a 2x Cam 2C kit with the Homebase 2. I was wondering since it is closer to August, if there is an update for the expanded storage out yet. Also, if I were to use an NVMe SSD in a USB enclosure, would it work with the Eufy Homebase 2, or would I have to use a SATA SSD to expand the storage?


I would also like to know an update on this.

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