Home base 1 or Homebase 2

Hi All,

Love my cameras and door bell but quick question. I live in Australia and was told that EufyCam 2 not available yet so I purchased the EufyCam. Yesterday I purchased the Battery door bell and that came with the homebase2. I connected all to the homebase 2 but finding it’s not as quick as the homebase 1. Should I go back to 1. Oh and by the way it now makes my cameras work with HomeKit but I thought cameras needed to be version 2. When I connected my cameras they would only connect as EufyCam 2. So not sure if my original was supplied with cameras version 2

Yes HomeBase 2 is only compatible with HomeKit EufyCam2 and 2c only compatible at the moment but it’s in the pipeline for more product rollover to HomeKit as well. I like HomeBase 2 more but theee are give and take differences between them! Only you can answer your own question on that and what you truly need them to do… be safe :v:t2:

Thank you for the reply but I am getting video signal/picture From the cameras that came with EufyCam in HomeKit but they are not working well. They seem to be not live streaming all the time. It’s like I have to wake them in the eufy app first then go back to HomeKit to get live stream. How can I tell if they are EufyCam 2? I hope this makes sense.

Hey @EagleRay, thank you for reaching out and letting us know your concern.

For Homebase 1, it supports the AI feature for all the cameras that paired with Homebase.

The Homebase 2 can be used with the Apple HomeKit, and we apply the HSV beta on the device at this stage. We are still testing the functions, and hopefully, this feature will be officially launched in the coming up future.

If you are having the issue with the Homebase, please reach out support@eufylife.com. We will have the engineering team to help you with the troubleshooting.

Have a look at the model number on the label - the eufyCam 2 model number is T8114.
I believe that the eufyCam (model T8111) camera’s are no longer (assuming that they were) being supplied in kits sold in Australia - I am awaiting a response from Anker support.

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