History unavailable

Hi, I cannot access the history/events on 2 of the 6 cameras I use. Both these cameras are connected to the same base. I can see there were events recorded but the list shows empty. I saw similar posts on the forum but none with a solution… anyone familiar with this issue? thank you

I had an issue similar last week where at 1:00 a.m. one of my cameras I was unable to view motion detected recordings, it wasn’t showing up in the events list. I know I had recordings because I received notifications w/ thumbnails.

Now what’s different is I don’t use a HomeBase…

I tried all the easy stuff to correct it, like restart the device, format the SD card, powering it off, unplugging it, in the end none of that worked for me.

I eventually had to do what I didn’t want to do… remove the device from the app and then re-add the device, doing so will also lose any recorded videos. And that fixed the problem for me, now I’m able to see /view any new recorded videos from that camera.