HB3 'Ignore Notifications' feature not working for recognized faces / people

I have a Homebase 3 with Eufycam 3 cameras. I allowed sufficient time to train the Bionic Mind AI feature to recognise my face and body. The system appears to have learned my face because when “Ignore Notifications” is disabled, it sends notifications “MYNAME has been detected” as expected every time a camera detects me. However, when I enable the “Ignore Notifications” for known people in HB3 to ignore notifications about myself being detected, the notifications are still being received every time I am detected but without my name, i.e., “Someone has been spotted”. When I go to Events, I can see that I was correctly recognized. This is even worse, because not only do you get swamped with annoying notifications, but you cannot know who was detected unless you check in the Events tab. Just wondering if others experience the same issue (i.e., this feature not working as advertised by Eufy) or could it be a problem due to potentially faulty HB3 unit? Thanks.

Bump. Can anyone confirm ‘Ignore Notification’ feature is working on their HB3? Thanks.

Same here,since i added the latest update the known faces is not working.
Still getting notifacations for.everything.
It was worki g before last update.

I bought my HB3 system a month ago, but it really never worked for me regardless of the firmware version. I am currently on and previous versions were and

Very weird some have it working some not , might reset all and see if that helps, Eudy don’t seem to care much.

Just came across a review that mentions the issue of not correctly ignoring notifications from people who are saved as known eufyCam S330 review: wireless 4K cameras with solar panels

The problem is it worked perfectly before the last update.
I also added the dual cam as that is the main reason for the update now its dead.

Good to see Eufy as said through out the forum dont listen or care about its consumers otherwise they would aknowledge these issues at least and let us know there working on them.
But alas as usual nothing from Eufy.

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I raised a ticket with the support team, but needless to say they were not very helpful.

This is the response I received: “This issue is due to the camera first identifying if it is a human and then identifying if it is a familiar person. However, in some scenarios, identifying familiar persons takes much longer. To ensure timely notification for humans, the HomeBase will send a notification first. Our engineers have already noticed this poor user experience and are optimizing the system.” Blah, blah, blah…

My point is that the above explanation does not make sense because when I disable “Ignore Notifications” feature, I almost always receive correct notifications “MYNAME has been detected”. If HomeBase prioritizes detection over recognition as they said, then I would still receive notifications “Someone has been spotted” when “Ignore Notifications” is turned off. But, that’s certainly not the case.

There excuse doesnt hold water considering before the last update mine worked perfect.