Has anyone managed to get Homebase 2 connect to TP-Link Deco?

I bought a Eufycam 2 set a few days ago and I’ve been struggling to set it up with my TP-Link Deco S4 WiFi system at home. I see it connects to the Internet, it blinks blue, but it refuses to complete the setup in the App. I used multiple Android devices with no luck. I tried using my ISP router as well, and I still wasn’t able to set it up.

I will likely ask a friend to test it in his house, but there must be a way to resolve this.

Any ideas/suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

You do have the cam, homebase and router close together for setup right? The homebase should be set up first, connected directly to the router with ethernet cable. After that, set up the camera close to the homebase and follow the steps.
Now you can add your wifi credentials to the homebase if you plan on moving it to another location to better support your cameras. It usually works better left on ethernet.

Thanks for the reply. I understand how the setup is supposed to work, but I cannot add my homebase to the app. No matter what I do, I keep getting the “Unable to connect to Homebase 2” error message.

The Homebase is connected to the router, the same as my phone.

I have the same problem. I can‘t connect my Homebase 2 to the Huawei LTE router. The light always stays red, even though it‘s connected by ethernet and the wifi works fine on my phone.

I have the deco M4 I had problems and turn off fast roaming settings and it worked. I think it’s the fast roaming that messes it up

Hi. Really interested to know if a SIM card router like TP-link does the job.
Is the signal good enough for the cameras?

I saw your post by random and I can confirm that the TP link MR600 that uses a sim card, and it run nicely with the Eufy wireless 2k doorbell. I just had to turn off “smart connection” on the router. It could also handle smart bulbs, smart speakers and plugs. I did also add a NAS.

I also have Deco M4 mesh and had to run off fast roaming though that has also been required for some smart heaters I have in my garden office that use the deco mesh.

One odd thing I keep noticing is that my homebase always seems to show as an offline device in my device list. Indoor cams are consistently in the online devices list (I have 4 of those).