Happy Eufy Customer So Far

Hello, Just looking over all the negative comments on here and thought I’d add my two cents worth. I’m a relatively new Eufy user (HB2, multiple EC2 Pro, multiple 2C Pro, indoor PTZ, key pad, many door sensors, Lock w/wifi, Doorbell w/battery) and for the most part…pretty happy.
I have a background in electronics and custom home theater and security installation.
Compared to even the newest NVRs on the market, I have had good luck with Eufy products. I do have my list of issues: No indoor cam HB2 integration, no expandable HB2 storage, false door readings and general buggy glitches, no stand alone siren, no “real” smart home integration like smartthings, IFTTT, etc… All the same complaints everyone on here has.
That being said, the wireless or wired competitors really don’t have such a comprehensive system with camera and sensor combination (Lorex does have both but not implemented well)
I am optimistic about Eufy. I hope they continue to improve and innovate. Many of the complaints are from tech people who are supper critical like I am. But if you take the indoor PTZ camera for example, we know what isn’t good about it, but a 2k camera with continuous on board storage and motion detection for 40 bucks?(on sale) that’s not bad.
I hope I am not proven wrong, but its been a while and as of now I’m happy with the product.


Glad to hear ! I think many of us are happy… but it’s the tiny things that drive us crazy. If this system was just junk we wouldn’t say anything at all. We would take the hit and move on.


Yeah most of the complaints are nitpicking anyway. Overall this system is very good and I have installed in 3 different locations.

Thanks for the comments on my post. I agree exactly with what you are all saying. If it was a terrible product, it wouldn’t be worth fighting with the manufacturer for change. Its a great product, but lets keep them accountable for bad updates, not taking feedback, and lack of communication. Just the responses so fast to my original post speaks volumes for this community. Keep up the good work Eufy!

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I think you are being a little unkind to some who have identified serious flaws. Being able to delete all data from the Homebase by simply pushing a button on the camera for 10 seconds is madness especially as the cameras are located on the outside of a premises.
I am new here today as I was about to buy some items. I am so pleased I joined here first as I will be giving eufy a miss for the time being. May I suggest that you look at some of the ‘nitpicking’ posts as your security is not as good as you perceive it to be. I accept many are not in a position to change their systems but you should at least look at the flaws that have been identified so you may take the appropriate action.


Look at the date of the post, that flaw was not yet discovered 20 days ago, they should fix that for sure, but responding the old post like that without context is insincere. If you have a problem with the product just don’t buy it.

@Erwin4 Unfortunately, I have had several of my Eufy devices for near a year and can’t return them. I too “was” a big fan of their security products and have promoted them to many of my family and friends.

However, as a user I have to be objective with their products and service. Since December, I have been disappointed with their app/device updates, constant video lagging issues, unable to respond notices, and not addressing major flaws in a timely manner (they’re not even on the same page with this).

In fact, I started bringing up their major security issue at the end of January through this community. It was initially dismissed, until more and more users tried it out themselves. I totally get that not every product is full proof. But for those who have already spent thousands of dollars on their products…Eufy needs to be accountable when legitimate concerns arise. It shouldn’t take a Dateline report to get an official response or action on it.

In essence, take my positive remarks in the past, along with my current feedback to improve. I will continue to support Eufy Security, as long as they continue to support their products and customers.

I do hate to see that other may have issue, but I have not so far.

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I just installed mine. Didn’t know that is a feature… It will wipe my SD if I hold the SETUP button for 10 seconds??

I think you will find that the flaw WAS known about at that time just not acknowledged or accepted. There was nothing insincere about my post, it was a genuine question. I appreciated the positive points being made and appreciated that it must have taken some time to post. The only way to get a company to address issues is by highlighting them. Not highlighting the flaws does the present customers a disservice and signals to the company that they are content to be ignored.

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@NolanOnTheRiver I cannot confirm which button as I do not have the camera but there are plenty of posts posts referring to this. It actually deletes the data on the base station hard drive and does so without any warning or confirmation required! I am going to wait to see if this issue is addressed by Eufy before I make a purchase as it is quite concerning.

@Sobrevilla thank you for taking the time to expand on the matter as it probably looked to others that I was simply criticising the product which is not the case. I will wait and see if the issue is addressed and if so I will be a customer. I truly believe it is for us as customers to hold companies to account as if we did not there would be no incentive for them to address issues. Here in the U.K. we are already poorly served with regard to customer service. Improvements in the system benefit all eufy owners!
@Erwin4 in addition I thought my post was a of benefit to current owners by highlighting the issue if they were not already aware and as a potential purchaser bringing pressure to bear on the company to address the issue.


@uneverno Agreed! There is a difference of bashing a company and their products…and giving critical feedback. Especially if we want to see these issues fixed so we can continue to support their products. I believe that’s what many are trying to do here at moment.

Sometimes I feel like we’re missing that in our society nowadays…accountability.


Vote with your money to hold them accountable, if their profits run low they will listen

@Erwin4 I would agree…but they already got my money, LOL!! :laughing: It’s the attention of those new Eufy customers that are returning their items or newbies that are staying away from these products that will ultimately get their attention. The only thing I can do is give honest feedback to others in the community and hope Eufy addresses these issues.

You are totally right in letting potential customers know about your experience. The issue you mentioned isn’t the only issues regarding eufy products. I bought a Eufy cam 2c system with false promises that the storage could be expanded. Now eufy has walked back on that promise. This means I’ll have to buy another cctv system in a year or so as I can no longer rerun the Eufy system I have. I understand that there are challenges and issues with every company. But Eufy has taken over £200 from me by lying. This cannot be overlooked. You should write your experiences in review websites and let potential buyers make there own mind. Please do not listen to others that are hailing Eufy products as the best in the world. It’s their experience and I’m glad they are loving their purchases. I totally agree with what you’ve said!!!