Hacked pan and tilt 2k

I believe my indoor camera 2k pan and tilt was just hacked. I could hear baby voice coming from the camera. Please eufy look into this. I already restart my camera and changed the password. There still voice coming and going.

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I didn’t understand why you think your indoorcam is confirmed when you just say you can hear baby voice coming from camera…

It is normal when you open the cam.

@mavpscvw is this still happening to you? Today I just heard a female voice humming to her baby and a background baby music playing. My cam model is 2C Pro.

I installed a new Pan a week or so ago.
No baby voice.

May be U can upload a clip…
or sent clip to Eufy.

BTW, Eufy microphones are very sensitive. they can hear thing from far away.
It recirded what I said 3 floors up.

I got in contact with eufy customer service, and they flagged my request as very serious(security matter), however, my case was a FALSE alarm.

I spent the night awakened and I found what was going on. My neighbor installed a new Xmas decoration, real close to our baby’s room, and when he goes out to walk with his dog, the decoration’s sensor activates and sings a song, loud enough to be heard inside my home.

I’m so ashamed, I was foolish. One thing you may be assured, I’ll never watch Youtube videos about cameras hacked anymore, they got you in paranoic mode.