Group cameras for security modes

I really miss group function for all stand alone cameras indoor or new e40 to put them all into one setting to switch security mode on home, away, disarmed etc.

It’s quite annoying to switch those settings for each single camera instead. And please I did choose stand alone cams to avoid extra homebases. That should not be the only reason for that limitation - the app could handle it by using macros


Yea please, do not know how this hasn’t been implemented yet.

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Still waiting for this feature

I’ve expressed my desire for this function in the other thread so I’ll add it here as well. Please add this function. Can’t understand why it’s not already there.

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Need to add this - should be easy to do. I develop software - whatever commands you send to each device to arm/disarm them you just loop through each device in the group and do the same thing. I want to add more devices to my home but stopped because it’s a pain in the butt to arm/disarm everything individually. I love the Eufy cameras and app but if you can’t provide this simple feature I’ll probably switch to Wyze. Really infuriating that you can’t make thus simple change to the app.

So after the huge app update I still cannot set a location such as home to away or home. You have to go through each device and set each indoor camera at the same location to the desired setting. Get location is flaky at best, automaton doesn’t work as we are a family without a pattern so why was this simple grouping not added?

Still waiting for this feature. It would be super helpful to be able to be able to change settings for multiple cameras at once.

This is not even an option for the wall light camera. If I have multiple wall light cameras I cannot have all of them in sync if I do a color light scene.

Also, if I have motion on the front of my house I get alerts from all cameras. It would be nice if alerts were muted for nearby cameras when one camera is sending a motion alert.

I’m facing a challenge with my smart home devices, particularly with the lack of a centralized control function. For instance, I have multiple smart lights installed throughout my house, but I can only control them individually through their respective apps or switches. It would be much more convenient to have a group function or a centralized control system where I could easily adjust the settings or turn on/off multiple lights simultaneously. This limitation becomes especially frustrating when I want to create a specific ambiance or when I’m leaving the house and need to switch off all the lights at once.
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