Great way to control your setup

Hi Everyone, quick review time.

I’ve had my Eufy Keypad for over 2 years now. I have it positioned next to my front door. It’s perfect for quick security mode changes as you enter or exit your house. There are 3 security modes you can select on the keypad;

Home and away are obvious. These are the home and away modes you have probably already set up in your app. The custom mode is something completely up to you. I personally use mine for a night time/bedtime mode which works great.

You change the modes by first entering your personalised code followed by your chosen mode. Every member of your house can have their own chosen code which shows if they change the mode in the eufy notifications.

Like I said earlier, I’ve had mine for over 2 years and I’ve only had to charge it twice.

Finally, this isn’t a primary Eufy product to buy. The security system work’s completely fine without this but I really find it helpful instead of changing the modes on my phone. If you catch this on offer it might be just make your like slightly better.
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