Great products with lousy support

After being a long time fan of Ankers products and looking at Arlo I found Eufy and absolutely love the concept and specs they had.
Ordered the E version as soon as I could and have been happy with my 3 Eufy cams 3 that’s connected to a Eufy cam Homebase E for about 2 years, and now they start to act up.

What happens is that it stops randomly to recognise movement and the only way to solve it is to unplug the homebase power-cord, press the button next to the DC in (since it has batteries) and then plug it in again.

Since this might happen within 2 days or 2 weeks after I have cycled power I can’t rely on the system.

So…lifetime support, sounds great ey…not in reality…

I sent a similar message above, got a an answer that wanted proof of purchase and serial no that I replied to only to get a second reply below…talk about a cut and paste answer.

"From the circumstances you’ve described, I’m sorry to say that on this occasion it appears your camera is faulty. Unfortunately, we noticed that your order expired its 12-month warranty on Eufy. Since this order is already outside the warranty period, I’m afraid an exchange is not possible. Since your satisfaction is our top concern, we would like to make an exception for you this time to offer you 15% off for your next new purchase.

We register all defects and evaluate them statistically. These statistics enable us to identify any increased defect rates or concentrated product problems, so thank you for letting us know about your product. Again, I apologize for any and all disappointment! "

This is without looking at logs, asking any more questions checking software or anything.

So I spent €500 for a while camera system that works for 2 years, and still somewhat works but intermittently stops recognising movement at all and then require that I cycle power.

I have escalated the case and received this reply

"For your message that “The problem is that I can’t rely on the cameras working as the cameras might work for a day or maybe for a week. It’s only when I notice they aren’t working I cycle power on the base station”, we have confirmed with our specialist that the battery mode of your camera is faulty. That is the reason why your cameras work intermittently and need to cycle power on the base station. Also, there is no need to extract logs from the device since the battery mode cannot be obtained from the log part.

Meanwhile, we do appreciate your precious feedback and have forwarded it to our engineer team, and let them see how to improve the battery life with new firmware upgraded in the future.

I dearly hope that this answer can help you and if I missed something or you’ve got additional questions, please feel free to email me back, I am here ready to help you."

Its still quite impressive how 3 cameras, that were bought at 2 different occations, all stop working at the same time and become “faulty”.
And that they can’t extract logs but still just from my statement that I need to cycle power come to the conclusion that its battery related. (I can still use the live view, so the cameras aren’t powerless and have good battery-life).

I have sent a reply a week ago with a few questions but haven’t heard back.
I can only hope someone that give a toss at Eufy reads this and brings it forward, the products deserve a good support and people that care about their customers even after the products been sold.

So…my advice for now is…stay away from Eufy…
Will update this thread if anything changes.


Update on my own post.

After a few firmware updates the cameras working fine again.
Good thing I didn’t follow the initial made up answer from the support saying “your cameras are faulty, but we can give you 20% off your next purchase”.

My only problem now is that 2 out of 3 cams has moisture trapped inside, won’t bother contacting the support this time.