Grainy pictures

I find that night vision with my outdoor cameras are very grainy. Seen someone creep up to my door last night, but couldn’t even tell if it was a man or a woman and the last couple of seconds they become half invisible. Is there anything I can do to rectify this or is it the case this is the best picture quality I will only receive from both cameras taking both angles.

Sorted, brought new cameras with colour night vision. Thank you for your reply

Did you remove the protective cover?

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@Susan.siddall123 There are several factors that could make the image appear to be too grainy. For example, the quality of camera (1080p vs 2K), distance of the object (best recorded within 25 feet), reflection of the infrared (off of a wall or fence), moisture nearby, lighting in the recorded area, angle of the camera, distance between the camera and the home base, etc.

The Eufy cameras for the most part do a good job for me recording at night. But they’re not going to be super clear like they are during the day, or even catch a pristine image.

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