Google nest hub

Hi everybody.

I installed an eufy wireless doorbell today.

And i have mixed feelings about it.

I can’t get it to work with my google nest hub.

Could it be because i live in Belgium and this service is not yet available in here?

The sound from the bell is not Loud enough.

Any trics or tips to solve this problem?

Thank you Maarten


Add eufy security in the Google Home app. Once authorized, you can say “Hey Google, show me front door”. When I do that It shows up on my TV with built in chromecast.

Volume on the homebase is low. Given the size of the thing, you would think it would be louder. Maybe a future update will increase volume.

Thanks for the tips Smoothie

I have the same issue on my google hub. ‘The stream is currently not available. The camera is added in google home and is visible.
Does somebody knows what to do?
Thank you in advance,


Hi, I live in Belgium too and it works for me by adding it to Google home. The biggest disadvantage is the gigantic delay on the video and audio feed (even on lower Quality)
So according to me … Not useable at all