Google nest hub and Eufy video doorbell

After having purchased both the Google video hub (gen 2) and the the wireless Eufy video doorbell, with the expectation of full interface compatibility, I find this to not be the case.
There are 2 main issues…

  1. The doorbell does not trigger the Google hub to display the doorbell video when bell is activated.
  2. I’m finding a 25 sec delay on the video hub when I manually activate the doorbell video on the hub which makes it somewhat useless.

I have a strong wifi signal and have tried numerous things to rectify, however without success. The Eufy doorbell does advertise on its product to be fully Google compatible!

Is there any fix on the horizon? I like both systems, however like many relationships there seems to be a lack of good communication between the two!


I have the same issue and hope the mods will answer.

Same issue here… When I ask google to show me the front door, there is a 5 second delay before a white screen with the Eufy logo shows up for another 10 seconds, then goes to a blank screen and shows a loading signal for another 5 seconds, before the camera finally goes live. All up about a 20 second delay. This is with strong wifi signals on both the Google nest and the Doorbell.

Also not having an auto show/ notification on google devices is very frustrating and redundant.

BTW after this frustration, I bought an amazon echo device after reading from Eufy that it is “more compatible”, but the chime and notification delays are completely out of Sync. Would like to see a response from Eufy.

Same problem. Eufy please fix this. You claim to be Google compatible.

Same here. Google Nest hub and Nest hub max. Both take so long to load. Initially bought both devices with excitement on them working really well, has not been the case.

I talk so well about both devices to friends and family when I show them but it’s clear the amount of time it takes to load is just downright embarrassing. Which I share with all who ask me about them. One of the biggest draw backs by far!

Nest Hub stand-alone - awesome!

Eufy security system - awesome!

Now the 2 combined, might as well be on opposite sides of the world.

Where you at Eufy!? What say you?

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Please stop trying… Google nest Hub 1 or two only work with their own products. Like Google doorbell and Google nest etc etc. Eufy and all other products that says “works with Google and Alexa” is just a Marketing scam. It works with Allright, but almost never in exactly how you and I want it to work with Google and Alexa. I expected when I bought the nest hub 2, that when someone presses the doorbell it automatically would show me who was pressing the damn thing… But no, I have to ask Google first who’s ringing and then shows me a live feed. That’s not very smart but it works. The only way to solve this problem is to buy more stuff to get it to work properly and it isn’t from eufy but from Homey. So now it works because I had the opportunity to program it, just like I want it to work. So now someone presses the doorbell, eufy doorbell starts a hls stream, telling Google to a cast website (input eufy’s hls stream ), start stream to nest hub! Oh and also not forgetting to stop the stream after 25 seconds or so. As you can see, it takes more for eufy products to tango with other so called smart devices. Also a made up marketing term because the devices themselves are very dumdum and have to do some programming ( which you allready did as far as you could with the Google home app) but now are running out of possibilities to take it a step further, because of lacking support from eufy and Google. Don’t get me wrong, eufy’s doorbell cam is one of the best out there. It only lacks a display like nest hub or Alexa display. Now you have to pick up your phone to see who’s at your door.

It’s compatible Allright. Just like it says on the box. Automatically showing who’s ringing at your door…? Forget about it. Is Not going to happen… and never will. It’s not a Google product. So never will be “fully” compatible or will never work fully automated with Google and Alexa. The only products that will work with Google are Google ring, Google Nest, Google bla bla 1 and Google Bla bla 2 etc etc. The only way you can make it work properly is with homey Pro. But… it will cost you. It’s a bridge that’s can make all your so called smart devices to talk to each other. For example… if would say:” Hey Google”, turn on the home cinema”. Your Soundbar of receiver turns on and sets it to the correct input, your tv turns on/or beamer, your media player turns on, your electric screens drops down at exactly the right hight etc… you can program this with Homey Pro. So back to your eufy doorbell it goes like this:” when eufy doorbell is pressed, eufy starts stream (hls compatible ), Google nest: cast a website ( being eufy hls stream web adres: 192.168.68…… etc ) start stream on Google nest hub and stop stream on Google nest hub at 25 seconds. Voila! Now your Doorbell is a smart device. Haha. Not because it is smart, but because you made it smart. So there’s a significant difference between Smart Home devices that works with Google& Alexa or “Home devices programmed a bit Smarter” so they really work with Google and Alexa haha.

Is there going to a better integration? If Google can do this, I can imagine, so can Eufy. Any news on this @eufy ?

When someone rings the doorbell, all the Google Nest speakers at home are not saying there is someone in front of the door. This option was available on my old doorbell on the Smartlife/ Tuya platform. This option is a huge miss and should come available asap.