Google Home/Routine Problems with pan & tilt 2k

Hi All,

I’ve recently bought a pan and tilt 2k indoor camera but I’m having a few Google home and routine problems.

When I say “ok Google, turn off camera” it will ask me for my code and then say “sorry I can’t seem to do that right now”. Is there any way of turning off the camera via voice commands?

Also is there a way of using Google home to put the camera into a certain mode? E.g “ok Google, set camera as away”. I wanted to use a routine so when when I say “ok Google I’m home” it would turn off the camera and “ok Google I’m going to work” it would turn on the camera.

At the moment I have geofencing on, so it kind of solves the problem. But I really would like to turn it on or off via voice/routines.