Google home and Homebase 2

Hi all, I’m experiencing a problem with the google home integration and am wondering if anyone has a solution.

I have some routines set up in google home to switch between different security modes on the homebase. Whenever I use those routines, I get the message “homebase is currently running, so I can’t make any changes.” If I switch the security mode to disarmed in the eufy app, the google home routine will work, but then it no longer works once one of the routines switch the mode off of disarmed.

Any ideas?


Not sure if it helps but you can’t use voice to change security or alarm settings. This is just in case someone shouts through your letter box.

Maybe it’s related or a bug.

Please contact:

I have the same problem. Whenever I want to use a routine to change the a customized mode called nighttime, I get the same message.

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I have the same problem. Whats the solution.

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Is Eufy looking into the issue or has it hit a dead end?

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Same problem. I just switched from Wyze where I could tell Google home to turn the camera on and off no problem. I’m pretty disappointed and surprised that I lost that ability with Eufy.

I experience the same problem! I would like a solution.

Having the same problem. Is there a way to fix this? Or do I need to return this item and go with a different company?

Same problem here - I googled the issue and found an answer but (at the moment no solution) from

The answer from Eufy Security Support was:

“This is just in case someone shouts through your letter box.”

All other security or access integrations with Google Home that I’ve used (door locks, garage door openers, etc) solve this by having Home ask for a PIN or security code after it receives the initial voice command. Don’t know the PIN, the command does not execute. Either that, or don’t allow voice commands for essential settings, but still allow manual access to the settings through the app. It’s not rocket science. And like I said, it’s the standard for all other integrations I’ve used.

This is hardly a reason to prevent Home from accessing these settings.