Give me a full-screen alert, not just push notifications

If my Eufy alarm system detects that someone is breaking into my home, I want a full-screen alert on my phone that can’t be missed, not just a push notification like the ones I get from Facebook or some other app that does not require my immediate attention. I get lots of push notifications every day, and they certainly don’t call my attention unless I’m holding my phone in that very moment.

Eufy should look at how Honeywell has solved this. I have their Wifi-connected water leakage sensor, and when that detects water, my phone’s screen turns on with a full-screen alarm in red and a strong alarm signal, similar to what setting the alarm clock does. This is how I wish the Eufy app would do. As of now, I would probably not notice is someone would break into my Eufy “secured” home because of how useless the notifications are.

Years down the line, and this fundamental issue still has not been fixed. The eufy app alarm notifications are just ridiculous.

I have never seen other camera companies with this full-screen alert feature. If Eufy notifications are useless then the same goes for rival companies.

  1. That’s not a reason for not fixing this issue.
  2. The Honeywell Home app does this.

If you are an owner of a company, you won’t want to spend money researching a new feature that won’t be useful to many people, even though it is useful to a small number of users. That’s how your company make profit and I believe Eufy do the same. Without full-screen alert feature camera is still useful because most people don’t need it tho.