Getting notifications but recording is missing

I’ve got a brand new Eufy Security 2K Indoor Camera 3 days ago. It has a brand new Sandisk 128GB SD card in it.
I do receive notifications for events, but sometimes when I want to look at the recording the app says:
“This file has been deleted due to overwriting or manually deleting”
I have not deleted these and the SD card has got more than 100GB of free space in it. It was formatted by the camera when it was inserted. So, shouldn’t be any over-writing or deleting happening here.

The camera is set to record 24/7.
I can go back to the time of notification and see 1080p constant recording and the actual “trigger” (human or pet) in it. So, it was not a false notification. The SD looks to be working well too. But there is no 2K recording saved. The event does not show on the calendar too.