Geofencing not working anymore

Has anyone else been having issues with geofencing lately? It used to work fine but for the last week or so it won’t change.
I’ve lookes and the map and it shows my location outside of the zone, but when I look at the device settings it says it’s still in the zone?

It never works- I only have two phones set up on geofencing and when we both leave the house one is at home and the other is away - it’s a waste of time trying to use it.

I spent £500 on this security system and it just does not work as it says on the box.

I researched it on YouTube and it gets good reviews - but all I can say is it’s rubbish - it does not do what it says it can do

Same issue here. I contacted Eufy support last week and they stated that geofencing is still in beta status what is wondering me because since last year it’s no longer displayed in the app itself.

However - Eufy is aware about the issues but obviously not able to solve them.

Btw: I am on iPhones with my whole family. It doesn’t matter if I add them to the geofence group or if I am alone in the group - geofencing does only work when I open the app - only then it recognizes if I am at home or not.