Geofencing-Mode: Timetable missing!

Geofencing-Mode works very well, but for full automatisation, IT would be nice to have the choise to operate in Timetable- Mode, if you are at home. So ist’s possible to switch in Night- Mode without any further action, and vice versa.

Greetings from Hamburg, Germany


I just got my setup yesterday and was also looking for a way to use automation to use geofencing for most of the day and night mode for the rest.


Me also - the Geofencing feature in combination with timescedule is a must have. ARLO delivers this features for years out of the box.

I am also looking for this option.
There could be two ways to make this possible:

  1. Add geofencing in the Scheduler
  2. Add the option to select “Schedule” in the “At Home” option in Geofencing Mode

Hope to see one of this way soon.

Greetings from Essen in Germany

This should definitely be possible!! Should be an easy fix if you ask me…


Missing this option is a reason to switch brands

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